The Mind Reading Theory

Mind reading is actually mind hearing
To some people it might make sense already, if you are one of the people who is having trouble understanding this please read on. If you have better things to do then why are you on tumblr?
Anyway, if you read the first line then you know that mind reading is in fact mind hearing. In T.V shows when a person “Reads” another persons mind they hear the thoughts, it’s not like words just show up on the persons forehead like subtitles (Although we need to have that for the ratchet people who can’t seem to talk properly). That’s only been seen in a few things so be quiet if you know which ones they are.
In order to “Read” another persons thoughts you’d have to have an advanced mindset, BUT in order to hear a persons thought you’d have to have an advanced hearing set. You will be able to hear everything but it’ll never stop, your nights will become sleepless because you’d be able to hear everything. If it was based off of actual mind reading then you’d have an on off switch, but in this case it’s like having your own personal Hell.

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(Originally thought up by Ghash019)

The spider-man theory

Alright, I’m not sure if I’m the first person to ever think about this but I was cleaning the kitchen when I started thinking of what movie I would watch next and the amazing spider-man was the first one to pop into my head.
While thinking about it I started to realize that Spider-man (Or peter Parker) Is either in an insane asylum or is in the hospital or a mixture of both.
I get the insane asylum theory from thinking of all the enemies Spider-man has had, this leads me to believe that they are all doctors, nurses, or therapists that try to keep Peter at bay.

Let’s start with the Green Goblin (Who first appeared in the first movie of the spider-man trilogy as Peter’s first enemy) Or Harry Osborn, who is the nurse at the asylum. He’s the very first person Peter interacts with as he enters the asylum, after Peter memorizes the look and shape of his head Harry becomes the first enemy that spider-man fights (Brawls, rumbles, scuffles, etc. I don’t really care, call it what you want).

Now Doctor Otto Octavius is a real doctor, Peter forms an Friend-Foe type relationship with Octavius. In reality Peter was going to college and almost always had a instant bond with people who were successful, but after Octavius forces Peter to take his medication Peter finds a hatred and now see’s Octavius as an enemy. Making Doctor Octavius Doctor Octopus (Way too much Irony I know).

 finally let’s look at the New Goblin, Harry Osborn (2nd Generation bro). Who in real life was the person who actually ever talked to Peter, Harry only talked to Peter to gain more intelligence about Peter’s disorder (Which causes hallucinations). After Peter notices Harry writing on a clipboard Peter grabs it and hits Harry in the face giving him a huge scar. (This explains Harry’s messed up face)

Peter makes Mary Jane Watson up in his head
Mary Jane Watson is actually Peter’s friend who he grew up with but never told her he liked her and ended up going insane, preventing him from admitting his feelings.

I get the Hospital theory from this: When Peter went to Oscorp he was Healthy, and his life was going the way he it wanted to go. But when Peter got bit by that spider it didn’t give him super powers or make him stronger, instead it made him weaker and started giving him hallucinations. Soon Peter slipped into a coma at a very weak state, after aunt May started to take in the realization that  Peter would be dead by the next year she decided to cut the cord loose to ease his pain and let him be free. Now we get a very slight notice that Peter is either dead or is surviving on his own, that would be in Spider-man 2 when Peter started losing his powers.
(Okay anybody remember the would-be fact that the brain goes through your entire life when you die? Well Peter’s brain didn’t go through his real life it went through his fantasy life)

Alright that’s all I have for now on this theory, Once again I’m not sure if I thought of this theory first. I’m Ghash019 (Also known as Glenn P.)
(Date: 5/4/2014)
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